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We know that video marketing is one of the most important parts of our online marketing mix, either to promote your own products or to promote other product creator’s products.
Youtube videos are very easy to rank, but only if you know how to do it.

All the advice you read online for free or all those gurus that talk about ranking videos is mostly wrong! Why? Because they are using or repeating like parrots SEO theory from years ago, 2007, 2009? Come on! Give me a break!
Google, gave birth to cute animals (pandas, penguins) but they did it to improve the way how they display their results online, if you are using SEO advice from years ago, you are doing it wrong! (This goes for MR. Guru too!).

Nowadays Google is listening to Social Signals, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube itself! Why are still people teaching that you need 10,000 social bookmarking backlinks to rank your websites or videos on the first page?! That’s ridiculous!
Now you should focus in quality backlinks and social signals! Period… but you need to use the right sequence to avoid getting burned!
After the success of the famous Youtube Ranking Software, we decided to get things even better and we continue testing, testing and testing until we developed our latest tool.
The New Youtube Ranking Software Version 2.0 – The Most Powerful Video Ranking Software On The Planet!
This is what the new Youtube Ranking Software Version 2.0 can do for you:

BENEFITS: Download SEO Tools Here

- It will help you rank your videos on the first page of Google.
- It will help you get traffic to your videos.
- It will save you time!
- You will make more money!
- You will get results faster than any other system on the planet!
- It will guide you step by step in the ranking process.
- Easy to use.
- Manage several projects at once.
- Check your progress (on each project).
- Keep track of your rankings.
- Add the beginning and end of your projects.
- Add your target keyword.
- Add your video title.
- It will help you generate a long description using your keyword.
- It will generate the best Tags (from the top 3 videos).
- It will PING your videos for instant indexing.
- It will get and recommend the best backlinks.
- It will get and recommend the best social media backlinks for your video.
- it will help you keep track and recommend views, likes, comments.
- And much more! …really much more, I’m not adding more here because some of those techniques are TOP SECRET!
Update: Now with version 2.5 you can EMBED your video on 100′s of blogs! Instantly!

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