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Best of breed tools meet best in class strategy

Unleash your video marketing potential and build a loyal audience of consumers with tools that ignite your fan base, and strategy to keep you on track. We've reinvented the way that brands engage consumers using video.

Maximize your organic reach

58% of viewers arrive at your videos because of YouTube Search and Related Videos. We'll help you increase your library of tags by 10x in less than 10 minutes, and discover content opportunities you're missing out on.

Build brand awareness and improve recall

Advertising can't buy you love – the path from Paid to Earned and Owned begins here. Build a loyal following of fans, drive word of mouth, partner with influencers, and maximize brand affinity with organic audience development.

Gain Unparalleled Insights

Views are only part of the story. We reveal the metrics that matter from engagement across Facebook and Twitter, brand mentions, the best time to upload to YouTube, how you stack up against your competition, to how you show up in search.

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Watch this tutorial to instal it on your browser

hello thanks for signing up and welcome
to video I q where we're passionate

about helping you get more video views
and this is how we do it

once you sign up to be like you make
sure you go to the Chrome App Store and

download both pvdyck you for chrome and
the vid IQ vision for YouTube chrome

extension that will pop a little button
into your browser bar which means you're

ready to roll

once you install the video IQ extension
onto your Chrome browser you'll start to

notice some interesting things

let's start with a standard video page
the right portion of the screen display

the big IQ score card

this is a snapshot breakdown of how well
the video is performing based on all

sorts of data such as views per hour

likes engagement estimated earnings and
so on

underneath that is a list of all the
tags this particular video is using and

how well they rank on top searches

it's a great way of finding out what
tags you can use on your videos you'll

also want to start clicking on the IQ
buttons that will be dotted around

YouTube screens

these provide you with helpful tools and
more on them a little later

back on the video IQ score card you'll
find different tabs that drill down into

your data showing you graphs pie chart
and the ability to export the data as

well as social media trackers that show
you who's sharing this video and where

you'd like you can put every single
video on youtube under this microscope

but it can also offer interesting
insights into millions of videos on a

single page if you searched for term on
youtube did I ki will again park itself

on the right side of the screen where
you can see just how popular that search

term is not only that but it will tell
you how competitive the word is and if

it's a good word to use and it will
offer you alternative search terms and

the volume of those search terms and the
best news is like you can help you apply

these tags in terms to your videos on an
individual or box scale

you'll find these controls along with
many others in the video manager screen

thanks to those video I Cubans we
mentioned earlier the top button allows

you to edit video titles descriptions
cards and annotations on a mass scale

pressing the guy kubaton against each
individual video will allow you to

perform special tasks such as set in the
video to your feature video or copying

the annotations to be used on another
video or creating your own


you can even publish videos to facebook
to the archive in syndication facility

if you decide to upgrade your bid IQ
accounts while that should get all your

existing video shipshape the IQ also
provides plenty of tools for new uploads

to even the finest details are covered
such as the character counting limit for

titles descriptions and tax and don't
forget the keyword inspector clicking on

tags will provide SEO analysis to help
you decide which words and phrases of

worth using

and then apply them directly to your
video video like you also recognizes

that video thumbnails are hugely
important which is why a comprehensive

for male generator is included to sell
your video to its maximum potential

now when you're not on youtube the video
IQ chrome extension button becomes your

home away from home

not only does it include all the
important links to your YouTube pages it

is your gateway to the IQs own web

here you will find it yet more
analytical tools to help you YouTube

more effectively

these include data on your playlist
external URL that link to your videos

and even the best time to post new
videos based on subscriber activity

further tops can be accessed from the
top of the webpage that show you

detailed information on individual
videos your subscribers activities and

so much more

and to finish off we have video I keys
latest development bulk SEO we analyzes

your videos and suggest more tax be to
add which you can do with a single mouse


now we know this is a lot to take in and
believe it or not we've got loads more

awesome stuff we're excited to show you

so just take it easy explore the screens
get comfortable with the tools and start

making videos like you work for you

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