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hey hey if you're expecting a TV video
forget it it's monday and i'm tired so

basically i'm going to go and get
straight to the point now if you're

anything like me you love to use images
on your sales page your blog's your

website and so on now the problem is
that high-quality images cost a lot of

money now if you look at look at my
screen you'll see that five images will

cost you about 80 bucks a month

ok that's a completely at reebok now
what I want to offer you today is a

plug-in called WP stock images now
basically want to install it

ok once you install it you cannot start
using it now I head over to your pages

add new i'm going to go ahead and click
on add media once just install the

plug-in you'll see this new menu called
stock image search now search whatever

you want like I love dogs i'm going to
go in search for dogs and all such cute

dogs i found the dog picture so
basically going to go ahead and click on

this download icon now when i'm clicking
download what's happening it's basically

downloading the stock image on my server
and as you can see it's downloaded right

now i can head over to media library
i'll see that image right here click on

insert to page and guess what i got this
image right here okay

it's right there for you now i can even
go ahead and set it as a set featured

image and let's say I'm going to go
ahead and search for I don't know money

i love money you love money

we all love money now I can go ahead and
click on this right here and Bam Bam Bam

Bam Bam Bam and if you wake up you have
to wake with couple seconds and there

you go

click on that click on that set featured
image in here you go brother

now let me show you one more one ok so
click on added at right click right here

and let's say I want a picture of a
truck like who doesn't like love trucks

now I can go ahead and click on this
download in give it a couple seconds

because they are high-quality images but
once they are in click on it right here


as you can see there you go that's
pretty much it and it has over almost 50

million images and you can have instant
access to all of this right now so you

know that's it folks and I'm done for

Download FREE Here

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