SEO Tools Social Media Account Manager

You no longer need any other social apps. Market to All your social media accounts from one location. You can manage all Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube from one web apps.

Inluding content and graphic ready to use to make a viral content easy auto posting to all network from one roof.

Watch video below to show more and how to work with this software, if you need account contact me from contact form :)

SociHub and what this software can do to
empower your business and bring you more
traffic let me tell you about this
special bonus they are giving to early
bird adopters of social hop anyone who
by social and takes advantage of the
special launch discount then they're
giving away as a bonus agency rights to
social hub this means you get the
ability to add in multiple social media
accounts this will let you manage not
only your own social media accounts but
that of your clients too so you can
charge them for managing in growing
their social media campaigns you get
everything you need graphics articles
and much more plus if you act now you
can take advantage of my huge bonus
package below that will help you even
better to build your social media
presence let me tell you what social hub
does do use social media in your
marketing campaign if not then you
should be but i imagine as a smart
marketer you will be but how
time-consuming is it to keep on top of
all those social media campaigns
what if i told you there was a software
that manage them all for you
introducing so shop the one-stop app for
marketing to Facebook Pinterest
Instagram LinkedIn Twitter YouTube build
your campaigns on all these different
networks schedule them and then set and
forget how easy would that be plus using
the unique one click post app all you
have to do is fill in the campaign once
and you can target all six if you want
so you are saving time reaching more
people building more leads in making
more money so lock that in today in
claim our unique bonus
hey there I'm gonna run you through
everything that is involved in this
suite of tools right now but I'm gonna
start with this dashboard now the
dashboard is like a quick post kind of
various saves you having to copy and
paste into various different networks
and with the same thing so what you can
do is you can actually choose what you
want the post type to be a post image or
video and then you can choose what
social media you wanted to post to
instantaneously now be aware a bit of
common sense is needed here
certain things can't be posted on
certain networks for example Instagram
only allows pictures
twitter has a limit to the amount of
characters you can use so just use a
little bit of common sense when you're
postnet because it won't be able to post
certain things but the idea is as simple
as choose like this and then enter the
post making sure it fits the parameters
of the different networks and then you
can hit submit and it will post
instantaneously to those sochi copy and
paste in or using the save post
throughout so that's our quick post
dashboard next Facebook and Facebook
what you can do come to the dashboard
and you can choose all the different
types of posts that you want to do not
text posts link posts image posts and
video post they all work pretty much the
same you can enter some text here and
there that day in real time on the site
you can choose when you want to post
timewise day wise you can share your
delays randomized your post and post
time to the end of each post delete the
post after it's finished doing
you can pause post in between everything
and you can choose all the different
groups you wanted to go to the same goes
for links except obviously anti Lincoln
message link title images enter an image
we got to do with that is click and then
you can drag and drop into here
I don't post it up like so Shelly again
and video you just do the video you can
put your around you can go and get
youtube you are around just pop it in
there and it will use that new cheap
you're out now shared yours will show
you everything you've already got in
that adding an account as easy as going
in here watching the brief video and
creating an app which sounds scary but
really isn't manage groups these groups
your admin of you can put into different
lists report post to show you what's
been posted and when safe post shows all
the different save post that you've got
ready to use another time and settings
is for your default ok onto twitter
twitter you can choose on Twitter from a
text post an image post or video post be
aware that as a hundred and forty
characters limit but the same applies to
you put your text in here then you
choose a time and a date and delay if
you want it whether you want to
randomize the posts delete after finish
auto pause post so you can stack them up
you can have loads go in and you can say
after every three posts i want to wait
60 minutes before i do the next one's
repeat post so you can do it more and
more if it's a promotional thing and
then you select whatever profile you
wanted to post to manage shared yours is
your list of different ones you put in
that will show you whether they've been
posted whether they're shedule to go
forward and what's happened with them
you can also see them directly from here
and you can delete them or repost them
you can have multiple accounts i just
got the one in here at the moment that
you can add more and more account so you
can randomize you can't different niches
have different kind of followers on each
one and choose which ones you want to
post what sort of status to report post
will show you what's been put where what
what status and what type of
completeness so you can see exactly
what's working for you what sort of time
today you do it safe post will show you
everything that you've saved so you can
input a lot of different twitter posts
in one go and have them here ready to
use elsewhere
you can also delete them from here if
you want to like so settings just the
default for twitter when you connect it
all fill in these to automatically don't
worry about those so it's just the
posting options that you need to do if
you want them as a different default
cable linkedin dashboard same sort of
thing but you can only do a link on this
one so you put your link in here you
put your message in here the title link
description your picture URL if you want
to add a picture to it as well and then
you can shed you let like all the others
so you got your time your date you delay
randomized deleter auto pause post after
a certain amount repeat them if you want
to and then hit save post or publish
post depending on what you want to do it
again you can have multiple account so
you can choose what you want to post to
the shells list will show you everything
you've got that's already been posted or
anything you've got coming up
you can repost them cancel them you can
delete them you can delete every single
one of them link in your account is
really easy you just have to go in here
and click to authorize it will do all
the hard work for you and it will be
linked up in a couple of seconds tops
report post is where you can see what
you've been doing what sort of things
States why its completeness wise and by
day save post is where you can see all
the post you saved but not actually
published yet and you can use them LA
today and settings as your default now
again with this linkedin app clear and
the app secret been done for you when
you link up your account you don't have
to do that posting options is just your
default delay and the minimum delay that
you want to do and hit update pinterest
obviously only let you do images so
there's only the one time you can do
here you've got a link that you can put
in here the description then you can
just click here to have your image perp
you can track and drop if you want to
get extra images in there and then
shared your exactly the same as the
others is a huge time saver all of these
when they're combined as well and all in
the same place you're not flitting from
one thing to the other so you can shed
you let you can randomize it delete it
repeat it once per day or every two days
every week decide when you want that to
stop happening
publish or save the post you can choose
your different boards in this case as
the way you want it to post it shared
yours will show you everything you've
done and everything you're going to do
you can also hit delete all or anything
like that if you wanted to just like so
Pinterest account is very easy to link
up as well just come in here if you
haven't already and it will walk you
through it not a problem very simple
managing the boards now here you can add
different list of boards so you can
group different boards together to post
to if you wanted to report posts means
that you can see what day should be
doing at what status and
completeness they are this way you can
see that everything's working how it
should save post if you save some posts
and you want to use them la a date will
appear in here and then you got settings
this is the default again where you can
choose just the delay in the minimum
delay everything else handle for you
when you're authorized pinterest to use
this Instagram dashboard is much the
same as the Pinterest one in the sense
that is an image only unless you did the
image description image URL again you
can upload these drag and drop them and
then say when you want to post this is
really cool though because normally you
need mobile you need to take your
pictures from that was with this you can
do it from your computer means you can
really think about what you want to do
and have a proper kind of campaign going
on Instagram and randomize them you can
delete them
you can also pause the post after so
many if you've got more stacked up and
you can repeat posts and put them to
whatever account you want you can have
multiple accounts on here so you might
have one potential maybe one for econ
store one for your personal stuff
whatever it is you want to do you can do
it here
published posts to whichever ones you
want the YouTube dashboard is more of a
statistics more of a management tool you
can't post from here you can see your
different categories you can see what's
been put in what
so when you've got multiple youtube
channels you can actually put them in
two different places and see them all in
the one place
click through and then show you the
different things you've got and you can
do the different time ranges see our
different views and jump down to where
you want to depend on what it is you
want to see where you stack junkies out
this one's really really cool and manage
channel you can let your channels you
cannot new channels and you can add new
categories depending on what it is you
want to put them into the category is
something you decide on it's not tied
into youtube or anything that you can
have your econ ones your marketing ones
your social ones your game ones whatever
it is that you need to do and then you
can add your new channels into them to
have them all in one place
so as you can see this is powerful stuff
very time-saving very cool and it's got
everything in the one place for you so
that you don't have to go anywhere else
to deal with all of your social aspects
real big time-saver and laid out so it's
nice and easy to use and you can get
everything shared your den and you don't
have to be stuck on your keyboard all
the time but still look very very
active across all of your different

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